What is the core of stamping and forging?

The core of stamping and forging is the mold technology and production process. Taking the stamping industry as an example, first, it is necessary to design process and mold according to stamping parts; second, it is the production process of stamping parts. Stamping parts are copying the mold. In actual production, the punching force and the force deformation distribution need to be calculated; the mold accuracy directly affects the accuracy of the punching parts, and the mold is lost as the mold is lost, and the foresee and calculation is also required. The traditional manual drawing or 2D design drawings is based on the stamped parts, and the mold cavity is speculated and the contour is specifically correcting the mold size again.

The determination of conventional die type is related to many factors, such as: 1 according to the batch of stamping parts; 2 According to the accuracy requirements of the stamping parts; 3 according to the complexity of the shape of the stamped parts; 4 According to the life of the die, 5 stamping parts according to the manufacturing capability of the mold; 6 according to the existing stamping device of the mold use department; 7 according to the needs of the mold user, etc. The type of ultra-thin material stamping mold is mainly determined in the shape of thin material and thin material stamping parts (shape, size) and yield size. Among them, the stamping exterior is more direct to the selection mold type. Universal ultra-thin material has a smaller shape, and the shape is more complicated. All stamping processes should be tested as much as possible, avoiding the secondary processing of stamping parts. Therefore, it is generally preferred to produce a composite mold and multi-station grade molding of a stamping process. And it is desirable that the mold structure is designed to be simple and can meet the needs of fast maintenance and precision adjustment.

(2) When the mold ensures the size and shape accuracy of the stamping parts, it is not destroyed from the surface quality of the stamping parts, and the life of the mold is generally longer, so The quality of the stamping is stable, and the interchangeability is good, and it has a \”exact same\” feature.