What are the different CNC machines in the milling industry?

There are many highly functional CNC stone machines which can change cutting center, machining center and polishing center in one CNC machine. “Our latest investment is the T952 all-in-one series. This versatile machine allows you to create many works of art from funerary monuments and is also very effective for decoration! »

Consumers use the T952 in the monument industry
8 reasons to use the multifunctional Thibaut T952 machine
1. Spindle motor: the heart of the machine
Thanks to the electrical equipment developed by Thibaut, it ensures the necessary functions (torque and torque) of the cutting spindle, the machining spindle and the abrasive spindle. thibaut multifunction t952 spindle motor
2. Space saving
In the stone industry, having a machine that can perform all three tasks can optimize the available space for maximum efficiency. There is no need to move or expand special facilities to accommodate new technology.

3. Fast R.O.I (return on investment)
Its versatility allows for more efficient use and reduced investment if you have three separate systems. This will save you a return on investment.

cnc cover T952 TiVo
4. 6 innovative axes
The new 6-axis multidirectional THIBAUT head (“six-axis” pneumatics) allows irregular grinding and high productivity.

marble polishing t952 cnc tibo
5. The tool can still increase in the newsletter
The press release tool can accommodate up to two 47 print support devices, a total of 94 positions, which is important to meet the range of devices that can be used. The machine can also be equipped with different discs (granite, marble, porcelain, Dekton, etc.).

Thibaut multifunctional t952 tool magazine for machining, cutting and grinding
6. ACS/AVS Combination
ACS: THIBAUT angle cut with a jigsaw. Internal and external protection system.

AVS: Automatic vacuum cleaner for the manufacture of products intended for automatic cutting. This combination saves 20% waste.

7. Easy to use
The “Pilot®” interface designed for this machine is designed to facilitate the operation of the machine and the installation of different software depending on the work to be carried out. Software developed by the Thibaut Research and Development Center (Tcut, eTcam, TCAD TCAM). It is the fruit of 60 years of experience. driver by t952 thibaut multifunction cnc
8. Daily design and safety improvement
The new design of the T952 allows this variety of CNC machines to use clear floor-to-bottom self-supporting polycarbonate doors. The control panel on the door has a 19 inch screen and is equipped with a light strip to indicate the operation of the machine.