Valencia Tourist Information – 5 Must See Attractions In Valencia

The capital city of Carabobo State as well as the third biggest city of Spain, Valencia is a fabulous objective, situated on the Mediterranean Coast, around 350 km south of Barcelona. Valencia, likewise alluded to as New Barcelona, is an unmistakable social and monetary focus. Loaded up with tomfoolery and light and inside simple reach of great mountains, Valencia gloats of a fantastic assortment of attractions, covering social focus, sea shores, and incredible recreation and sports offices.

Valencia Tourist Attractions

City of Arts and Sciences

Maybe, generally famous among the attractions of Valencia is the City of Arts and Sciences, otherwise called La Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias. Among what to see here are

o L’Hemisferic, a planetarium whose feature is a tremendous IMAX film showing science and topography related infotainments

o L’Oceanografic, a submerged region famous among kids. Sharks and other ocean strengths can be seen as here

o Museo de las Ciencias Principe Felipe, a gallery showing most present day mechanical supplies

o Palacio de las Artes, lodging various rutas senderismo valencia halls for show and music as well as play exhibitions

House of prayer

One more incredible fascination of the city is Cathedral. The point of convergence of Cathedral is the legendary Holy Grail – the Chalice that is accepted to have been utilized by Jesus Christ at the Last Supper. The Cathedral likewise has shockingly attractions like a gallery showing lovely works of art and a 2300-kg monstrance made of gold, silver, gems, gave by Valencians, and La Miguelete – an octagonal pinnacle with 207 stages. Most importantly, the Cathedral is noted for its exceptional engineering, reflecting rococo, gothic, Romanesque, and neoclassical styles.

Exhibition halls and Art Galleries

o The Instituto Valencia de Arte Moderno, (IVAM) showing an amazing presentation of Spanish current workmanship

o The Museo Nacional de Ceramica, where an intriguing exhibit of pottery that have been gathered across the world should be visible

o The Museu San Pío shows an astonishing assortment of Flemish and Valencian compositions done by such eminent specialists as Bosch, Velazquez Goya, El Greco, Morales, Murillo, Ribera, and Sorolla

Different Attractions

o The Silk Exchange – Built in 1498, the Silk Exchange was previously a wonderful silk trade. It has been presently proclaimed a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO

o Palau de la Generalitat, a gothic style building worked during the fifteenth hundred years

Celebrations and Art in Valencia

Valencia has an enormous number of celebrations, which among numerous others, are Valencia Escena Oberta, International Youth Film Festival, and Alternative Music Festival.


Gastronomically, Valencia is home to one of the most well known dishes of Spain, in particular, paella, which is a saffron-seasoned food arranged from rice, chicken, and shell fish.

Sporting Activities

With a serpentine shoreline extending up to 110 km, Valencia is an ideal base for various water sport exercises like jumping, windsurfing, and cruising. For travelers, amazing open doors are made accessible for exercises like cycling, rappelling, climbing, and mountaineering.