The Slight Edge Philosophy

Gede Prama (1996) states that his leadership philosophy is a leadership with water good judgment. Water is a flexible aspect. People put it without difficulty. Water is likewise clever to regulate its shape in facing the other things. It is a completely interesting individual of water. For the needed, water will satisfy the better level’s after it fulfill the minor’s wished.

A management with stone common sense fashion will display greater differences than similarities. This kind of common sense prefers to apply the violence to the negotiation. It is the cause why a country with the stone logic management will advantage many riots.

As the opponent, we can see the water characteristics of philosophy good judgment. First, we see the water in a river. There are many factors to make an atmosphere of river. There are; the water, stones, soils, flora or timber, grasses. All of them have a solid unity like a stitching. Each of them apprehend, regulate, and fill each different. The water’s simple character signs and symptoms to all leaders that a kingdom’s concord will present whilst the chief constantly plays to unite the human beings. Then, he does not make any dissimilarity and fault to his human beings or staffs.

The water’s ability to make an approved version in each location is an exciting facet of water’s primary individual. The water also never unfastened, but it never has an ambition to unfastened the other factors round it. Although the water has those characters, however it still has firmness. With its firmness, the water usually movements to obtain its goal. It flows thru the opposite matters with out making any war of words.

Here, water philosophy teaches us-as a human approximately the significance of the persuasive and compromise management. We do the management without throwing our ambitions, even preventing for the man or woman significance.

Let us see the float of water on the river. Each glide goes to the maximum basic goal. It will forestall transferring after it fills all space in the maximum fundamental vicinity. This fundamental characteristic reminds us, as a pacesetter, that we must side with the low-level people. This type of chief states that the leader have to be aware the needed of the low-degree people at the primary time, earlier than he notices the upper level humans.