Selecting Deer Hunting Ammunition for Military Surplus Rifles

A BB gun is a firearm that propels the round steel shots popularly called BBs. Although today the term BB refers to different kinds of pellets of varying sizes, weights and made from different materials, this was not always the case.

It is commonly believed that the term BB gun came sig sauer 9mm ammo into use because guns of this type used ball bearings as ammunition. If the ammunition was made of plastic, the term BB was assumed to denote ‘bullet ball’, but this is not exactly correct. Original BB guns used lead shots that were of the size commonly referred to as BB. This is where the term BB originated from. This shot was 0.180 inches in diameter but the size varied in accordance with the gun which was used to shoot it with. Although some of the first BB gun makers modified their gun barrels and produced specialised pellets of unique sizes, the name BB had grown to be so popular that it continued to be used in common parlance. Even today, these guns are called BB guns irrespective of whether they actually use BB sized pellets or not.

BBs generally come in steel and this material makes them ricochet much more lead or plastic pellets. Most BB gun enthusiasts use these round steel balls when they are practising their shooting in their own backyards. These ‘bullets’ are not considered the ideal ammunition when you want to hunt small game because they are not very accurate. You will find different varieties of guns such as electric airsoft guns, spring action airsoft guns and CO2 guns using BBs in various sizes. Electric airsoft guns (also called AEGs) are the most preferred ‘weapons’ of choice in shooting games and skirmishes.

BBs can cause injuries when used carelessly and this makes it important for you to take special precautions when using your BB gun at home or outdoors. Since these shots have a higher tendency to ricochet off surfaces, you need to shoot them only at safe locations where this will not cause problems. Pellet traps that are available in the market to catch stray shots should be used if there is any chance of the shot hitting spectators or passersby. Make sure that the pellet trap you purchase is designed to stop BBs as there are many products in the market that are not equipped to stop a BB ricochet. Ensuring that you are following all possible safety measures with your BB gun shooting makes this sport an enjoyable experience for you and people around you.