Screenwriting Tips and Ideas – Themes and Film (Thematic Consistency

This article takes a top to bottom gander at how stories work and what lies under the surface for them. It draws motivation from advancement, brain research, social science and human conduct to work out why a few stories convey such a great amount to such countless individuals, from various foundations, beliefs and societies, and what makes a generally welcomed story or screenplay. Here we will take a gander at something you probably won’t consider when composing your ‘show-stopper’ script: consistency.


There are various components that involve a screenplay, from characters and their positions, to philosophical thoughts, to objects, props, areas and everything in the middle. Something that regularly helps when composing your content is imagining a center guideline, an ethos, a theme or a topic and applying it to the majority of the various components of your content, accordingly accomplishing topical consistency all through your story.

Be that as it may, for what reason is consistency significant and how would we apply it to the various parts of our screenplay?


Stories are a fantastic way of discussing thoughts with individuals. Anyway on first watch of a film, or on initial read through of a screenplay, it should be straightforward enough so it is extensive. Frequently the least difficult and generally steady of contents can be the uss express testimonials most affecting and successful.

Consistency helps with individuals understanding your story cursorily, yet in addition on a lot further passionate, moral and subliminal level.

This sounds confounded yet fundamentally it implies that, nonsensically, the easier and more predictable your content (the more adjusted the parts in general), the more intricate a thought that you can pass on to individuals.


How you apply consistency to the components of your story isn’t something that can be instructed intelligently. It must be shown up at through your own inclination; by means of your own infusion of your subliminal into your screenplay. The following are a couple of thoughts for where to begin.

The Job, Speciality, Expertise, Position or Role of your Main Character – The everyday life, abilities, character and social standing/social job of your primary person intensely impacts in which headings the film can head, hence this is a component that when changed will have a huge effect. This is one component which most certainly ought to be lined up with a generally topical struggle.