Salehoo and Wholesale Jeans – Why You Should Use a Wholesale Directory to Sell Jeans

Jeans reflect the society and changes in culture. The 1950s were the time when the jeans were straight-legged and basic in designs. The 60s saw the styles shift to bell bottoms and jeans are now boots to trendy patterns and stitches. Jeans are a favorite of many individuals and are a fantastic product to sell online.

Take a look at the benefits that jeans can offer as a main product:

  1. Jeans are an integral element of every wardrobe.You can wear jeans casually or put together with a chic jacket. They’re flexible and comfy, and come in a selection of styles and names.
  2. Jeans are made from cotton.Cotton is soft, comfortable and is the most sought-after fabric on the planetjeans fabric suppliers.
  3. When you sell jeans, nearly 50percent of profits are distributed to retailers, and only 12-15% go towards the company that makes the jeans.The amount you earn depends on the source from which you to obtain your stock.
  4. 4.Levi Strauss, the recognized market leader and the pioneer of jeans, continues to innovate various styles to satisfy the demands of its clients.Levi Strauss has annual sales of $7 billion, and more than 70% of its sales relating to jeans. This is a clear indication of their high-end quality and the appeal they have in the market.

Despite the massive growth in the case of Levi Strauss, the jeans market is comprised of a variety of other manufacturers. This means it is better for retailers and online sellers to secure good bargains on jeans, and also to boost the profits you earn. One of the questions you might ask yourself is “How do I take advantage of this competition and get the best prices?”

You can locate these amazing deals by searching an online marketplace for wholesale such as Salehoo. Salehoo is a wholesale directory which provides list of suppliers for more than 150 categories of merchandise, such as jeans. Apart from the list for suppliers Salehoo offers complete data on the vendors and ranks that are based on feedback from members. The search engine offers a variety of options to narrow your search, making it easier to locate the product you’re searching for.

Salehoo also has drop shippers and wholesalers. This makes your ability to sell jeans on the internet much simpler. You’ll be able to offer the most affordable rates for the jeans you sell and get them delivered directly from the factory to the purchaser. Selling jeans is a good investment. They’re classic, stylish and comfy. They are always in high demand. If you are a wholesaler will boost your chances of an effective business.