RuneScape Quest Guide – Demon Slayer

Description: Wizards of the darkish arts have freed the historic demon Delrith. Find out how to imprison him once more earlier than its too late and he destroys Varrock.

Difficulty: Novice

Length: Medium

Requirements: Able to defeat an apocalyptic demon (Lvl 27, weakened with Silverlight Sword received during the hunt)

Items Needed: 25 everyday bones, 1 coin.

Quest Points Reward: 3

Reward: You can keep Silverlight, that is beneficial for weakening any kind of demon.

Start Point: Varrock Square

To Start: The Gypsy in her tent on Varrock square

1.Speak with Gypsy Aris. She will let you know approximately Demon Slayer  an historical demon, Delrith, who turned into defeated lengthy in the past, by using a a hero named Wally, who wielded the Silverlight sword. She tells you that the demon is returning, and goes to try and ruin Varrock. She prophesies that you are the only which could defeat the demon, and save the city.

She also tells you the incantation that Wally used to defeat the demon. Make sure to put in writing this down, as the incantation is exceptional for every body.

Note: This will not be your incantation. This is an example of one.

2.To get Silverlight, The Gypsy tells you to go and talk with Sir Prysin, in Varrock Castle.

Three.Sir Prysin is on the first ground of the fortress, near the entrance. Speak with him.

Four.He will let you know that his grandfather turned into Wally, and the Sir Prysin has the sword in his ownership. However, there are 3 keys had to free up the case in which the sword is held. One key is with Captain Rovin, one with Wizard Traiborn, and some other, Sir Prysin by chance dropped down the drain.

5.Walk to the northwest stop of the citadel, and climb to the 0.33 floor, Rovin’s Chamber. Speak with Rovin approximately the key. After a communication, he will agree to give the key to you.

6.Go back to the first ground, and head to the northeast aspect of the constructing. Climb up the steps, and choose up a bucket.

7.Go backpedal stairs, and fill the bucket up with water, on the sink. Then, pass outdoor, and use the bucket of water with the drain. The key will give way into the sewers.

8.Walk out of the east fortress walls, and climb down into the manhole (if the manhole is closed, without a doubt open the lid).

Walk towards the lower back, and choose up the key from the floor.

Nine.Take your 25 bones, and head to the Wizards Tower, south of Draynor Village. Take them to the second floor, and communicate with Traiborn. He will request 25 bones to preform a ritual in order that he can get the important thing from his safekeeping.