Paramount information about PIONEER DJ XDJ XZ

The XDJ XZ – PIONEER DJ XZ – PIONEER XZ – PIONEER DJ XDJ XZ is an all-in-one professional DJ system suitable for events, bars, clubs or private studios. Wherever you go, the XDJ-XZ has everything you need to get the job done.

This four-channel setup offers professional processing so you feel like you’re using a club-standard NXS2 setup. And with simple support, you have plenty of options. Animate is configured with 14 professional Beat FX and 6 Color FX sounds and uses 16 multi-color functions to make the software unique. The well-prepared sound of the club and the multitude of advanced features are always at your fingertips, all in a robustly designed piece.

Main characteristics
Control optimized for performance
Feel like you’re playing in an NXS2 setup and accomplishing whatever you want. Large wheels take digging to the next level and the color On Jog Display provides important information. Add a touch of cuteness with 14 Beat FX and 6 Sound Color FX.

Media support is flexible
Play for free the way you want. Connect USB storage drive to rekordbox interface or connect laptop using rekordbox dj or connect export mode. Serato DJ Pro will also be available in early 2020.Engage your audience with crystal-clear sound thanks to the 64-bit digital signal processor. Use the 3-band master output EQ to properly tune all ingredients. The feedback reducer has a function to stop the “purchase” of the microphone to keep it smooth. PRO DJ LINK expands your creative options.
XDJ-XZ is the first all-in-one DJ system to support Pro DJ Link. Connect devices like the CDJ to the 3rd and 4th channels and sync the audio to the mix. Use the XDJ-XZ screen to browse the library by external audio.

Touch screen and display color
Track all the information you need and focus on your performance. Waveforms, Gold Cues, BPM, etc. are displayed by a 7-inch LCD touchscreen and a Color On Jog display in the center of each wheel. 3 USB ports
Its three USB inputs (top-loading for USB devices and a laptop connection) keep it aligned and easy to transfer.

Connect export mode to REKORDBOX
Play tracks directly on your laptop via tethered export mode. You can connect up to two laptops at the same time.

good sound
The microphone input circuit produces perfect sound even at high input levels. easy to carry
Get ready to play right away. A unit designed with a handle for easy portability and installation.