Online Assessments: A Seamless and Smarter Process for Hiring

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The AAPC’s ICD-10-CM Proficiency Assessment is a mandatory evaluation aimed at protecting the integrity of the holder’s certification by way of ensuring all of the AAPC members can display coding talent with ICD-10-CM. The confidence of employers regarding the holder’s certifications can only be boosted if the holder can display proficiency by as it should be coding the current code units. This assessment guarantees this and in addition fosters the standards set through AAPC certifications.

Therefore, all AAPC individuals who keep CPC-H, CPC, CPC-P, CPC-I and Online assessment CPMA coding specialities excluding CIRCC must display high degrees of proficiency within ICD-10-CM through going via any of the two strategies as given under by using 30th September, 2015. This is exactly a 12 months after ICD-10 implementation for each holder to maintain his/her credentials.

You should select among the two alternatives beneath to demonstrate your proficiency.


This includes ICD-10 Code Training and it comes with an online assessment direction, which includes a entire ICD-10-CM General Code Set Training integrated with a complete of a hundred and fifty queries and Online assessment different cases, which you can accomplish at your very own tempo.

If making a decision to select this option, then the choice consists of the following:

· A sixteen-hour route coupled with a few on line sporting activities.
· There isn’t any time restriction and limitless tries.
· A overall of one hundred fifty questions plus instances.
· Open on line unproctored book.
· ICD-PCS isn’t blanketed within the assessment.
· Depending at the education period there are round sixteen to 29 CEUs to be finished.
· The overall cost is as from $395-$595 relying at the schooling duration.
· You can add stay training including meetings, boot camp and others for most effective $a hundred-$200.


This option includes timed evaluation which involves 75 case-primarily based questions upon that you must complete within 3.Five hours. Generally this selection entails the subsequent:

· The sporting activities are most effective online primarily based.
· There is a time limit of 3.5 hours.
· Two tries are best allowed.
· Involves an open on line unproctored book.
· The total cost is $60 consisting of expenses for the 2.
· There aren’t any CEUs given.
· A minimum of eighty% rating required.
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