Meet the Multitalented Monster

We all have talent. Some have one, some have two, and some have more than two. But it doesn’t matter how much we have; it is all about how much we show. We may show it sometimes, and sometimes we don’t have the opportunity to show it.

If a person expresses one talent, then he is considered a legend. Well, if a person is expressed two or more of his talents, then just think how talented he is. Here we are going to look at such a person and to know more about it, just go on article

The Journey of Jim Rickards

 Jim Rickards is one of the famous American-born personalities which is very good at different disciplines. He lives in New Hampshire and has a good range of track records in his career. He attended his high school in New Jersey at Lower Cape May Regional High School and completed his education in 1969. Generally, he is very good at education and properly plans his career. To know more about it, just go to

After that, he did his Bachelor of Arts degree from Johns Hopkins University, and he did that in the year 1973. In 1974, he got his Master of Arts in International Economics from the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies.

The Career Path of the Multitalented

 Though Jim Rickards is well known for different disciplines, he is well known for his work in several branded companies. He worked for Wall street for almost 35 years. Wall Street is an eight-block financial street where man y financial based interest, dealings, and signings are done here. A very famous one to go for.

He worked for companies such as Citibank, Long-term Capital Management, and Caxton, where he worked as a senior for many years. He also worked as a senior managing director at Tangent Capital Partners LLC, a New York City-based Merchant bank. To know more about his career here, go to

Other Faces of Jim Rickards

 Jim Rickards has several faces apart from his face as a Financial advisor. He is generally designated as a lawyer since he has been in that field for a long time. He is a social media personality, motivational speaker, book writer, economist, investment banker, and a member of the Board of Advisors of the center on Economics and more.

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