Is There a Way to Clean Yellowed Nose Pads on Old Prescription Glasses?

One of the maximum common lawsuits of humans carrying eyeglasses and shades is that they generally tend to leave purple or pink marks on the perimeters of their noses. After sporting sunglasses for only a few short hours, the general public develop indentations on their noses that may every so often live there for up to three hours after the sun shades were removed. These marks are unpleasant and may regularly be embarrassing if, as an instance, you wear your sunglasses even as driving to work and you without delay walk into an crucial meeting. It might be tough for all of us else to preserve a immediately face when you have two very outstanding purple dots close to the bridge of your nose!

Will Lotion or Powder Work?

People often say that rubbing a bit of lotion onto your nose or dusting the bridge of your nose with infant powder can assist to save you the marks from forming. But does it paintings? The solution is, sure those processes do assist lessen the hassle. Adding lotion reduces the friction and stress towards your pores and skin while it comes in touch with the nostril pads in your shades. The identical precept oakley sunglasses nose pads is going with applying toddler powder. Whether you follow lotion or powder, both one will act as a barrier and decrease the friction in your skin.

While those solutions can indeed be useful, I in all likelihood would now not propose them due to the fact they’re just transient fixes and will create a couple of residual problems. For example, the lotion may reason your sunglasses to skid down your nose, and in case you use powder there is a chance that a few will get into your eyes. Of direction this begs the query; what exactly can be carried out to get rid of, or as a minimum limit, the prevalence of those unpleasant skin blemishes?

What the Experts Say

According to eyewear professionals, in case you are always getting discoloured marks in your nose after you are taking your shades off, this maximum probable manner that your sun shades actually do now not fit you nicely. Visit your optometrist and get an accurate becoming, after which look online or on the mall for a pair of sunglasses that match the ones exact measurements.

You could also have your optometrist affix padded nostril pads on your sun shades in order that your nose does not are available direct contact with the plastic fabric associated with fashionable sunglass nostril pads. This takes only some mins to do and does no longer cost a whole lot.

So there you have it, sooner or later a solution to the burning query of a way to reduce the ones ugly marks that shape to your nostril after wearing shades for an extended time frame. To sum it all up, the solution includes simple matters: make certain that you have correctly-sized sunglasses to your face and nostril, and affix padded nose pads on top of your sunglasses’ fashionable nose pads. It does no longer get a whole lot less complicated than that. Do those two easy things and say goodbye to nostril blemishes all the time!