Information Technology in Agriculture

“Records is the new Oil”. When our team heard this expression, this was actually certainly not the 1st celebration. Our team heard it coming from the insurance coverage, production as well as the healthcare sector leaders. Yet fascinatingly in the current times the advanced major data modern technology, is a subject matter extensively gone over in one of the oldest and also typical business – the Agricultural Industry.


So why is there a lot talk and more importantly significant financial investments and acquisitions taking place in the Big Information analytics area within the farming service? Why immediately cultivating productivity is highlighted like certainly never before as well as yield-per-acre is the most analyzed statistics in your business?

Surprisingly, solution to these collection of “Why” concerns may be connected to yet another vibrant and huge question that stands up before our company, that is “” Just how to feed the raising populace through 2050?”

Presently the globe population is at 7.2 billion as well as the additional 2 billion is a big number. Envision incorporating pair of more countries of the measurements of India (globe’s 2nd most heavily populated country) in the food requirement container!

If our company compare the UN Globe populace estimates along with the Every capita Cultivable property figures supplied by World Banking company, our experts will be actually able to recognize the gravitation of the condition. Our team require to generate and deliver food to the 9 billion from even lesser property as well as lessening water properties in the following 35 years. The populace increase places great pressure on the Ag-industry at various measurements. To handle this challenge, the USDA (USA Dept. of Agriculture), estimates that the farm productivity, measured in yield-per-acre, requires to increase through an incredible 60% from the here and now amounts.


The famous motion picture quote from Interstellar inspires our company of the simple fact that each time the individual nationality has faced with genuine problems, we have stood up and come up with incredible developments to address the situation. Allow our company have an easy look at the background of farming and also see exactly how the Ag industry has dealt with identical obstacles in the past times utilizing technology and took the ranch performance to the upcoming degree.

As we know, with every brand new development at each phase, the efficiency amounts enhanced exponentially. Due to the fact that a big section people understand the tale of cultivating till the medical period, allow us focus on the most latest developments i.e. Accuracy agriculture and Big Data.

Preciseness horticulture

Accuracy agriculture in most direct conditions is actually the use of particular and accurate quantities of inputs like, plant food, pesticide and, water at the correct time to the harvest for improving its own performance and also maximizing its own turnouts. The direction finder modern technology increased the adopting as well as use preciseness farming as it enables in-depth as well as precise mapping of the farms. Alongside the GPS and the Choice Support systems mounted in his computer, the farmer gets info regarding the status of his harvesting as well as which aspect of the farm needs inputs such as chemical or even fertilizer.

Big Data in Farming

In the last twenty years, the farming planet has inconspicuously been actually presented to data accumulation modern technology because of the technology blast. Farm tools makes integrated, records recording systems into their tractors and ranch machines. Dirt humidity levels, plant growth phase as well as may various other information is actually grabbed as the tractor moves. The big ranches began making use of programming treatments to deal along with their area procedures. This has actually resulted in capture of huge farm records in the final decade.

In parallel, there is actually additionally colossal amount of data (in Exabytes) from other resources in the field of Weed management, Insect administration and Crop illness monitoring. Incorporate that to the place details weather condition and also ground information, our team have really significant data flows accessible for analytics.

Defend the Initial mover advantage

The leading companies in the field have actually picked up the real economic market value of the Ag Data and also the massive organization capacity of turning this farming information to dollars. Consequently we can easily witness a set of acquisitions and expenditures taking place in this particular space.

John Deere is the leader and dreamer in this area and introduced Ranch View in early 2011 with pay attention to device marketing, farming logistics and decision help for the planters. AGCO did the same and also introduced Fuse Technologies system in 2013 with an open approach whereby combination as well as connectivity throughout the farm possessions is actually enabled, irrespective of the brand name. Later, AGCO and DuPont Trailblazer revealed an international partnership that will definitely make it possible for seamless user interface of information as well as ranch management details in between AGCO devices and also EncircaSM companies of Pioneer. In the meanwhile, Monsanto produced headlines through a large procurement, when they got Weather Corporation Firm for $1 billion.