Human Hair Extensions – What’s the Reason? or Why Not?

Do you want long, thick, wavy hair or natural highlights but have short, thin or boring hair? It is possible to investigate the possibility of human hair extensions. It seems like everyone is changing their look in an instant with hair extensions. If you aren’t waiting for the growth of your hair or you want that rich, luscious hair now, or apply naturally colored highlights or thickness in order to alter your look for a short period of time. You can think about Echthaar Haarverlängerung.

When the decision to make a change has been taken the next step to take is how to get great looking natural hair using the type of hair extension.

Hair extensions of different types

  1. 100% Natural Human Hair,
  2. synthetic hair – man made hair

A combination of authentic hair with synthetic.

Real hair is, in essence it is 100% natural hair that is grown at home by another person. It will behave just like your hair. Synthetic hair is synthetic and typically doesn’t hang, or move in a natural way. The combination of both kinds of hair, which is typically less expensive, but could not hang as well as the way that natural hair does.

The real Human hair is the sole option when you want your hair extension to feel genuine. It is natural human hair.As as such, it is treated the same way as you take care of your hair washing and coloring, perming, or straightening could all be performed on human hair. Hair that is real comes by Europe, Asia, or Russia. If you wish the hair extensions to match color to your hair, it is possible to do it or, if you’d like contrast highlights, it’s also feasible. A professional stylist will select the most appropriate shade match with your own hair, and highlight. Real hair will blend with your hair in a more natural way, and behave as your hair does during rain, or wet. Synthetic hair is typically “set” in that it is a fixed hairstyle which will not change when wet. There are a variety of months that are typically between 6 and 9 with human hair extensions provided they are maintained appropriately. One of the main hazards for extensions of human hair is the heat therefore it is essential to give them gentle care to prevent the hair from drying out and becoming fragile. It could take a long time to put on these kinds of hair extensions, and it is recommended to get it done by a qualified salon.

Synthetic hair feels and looks like real hair, but because it’s “set” it doesn’t hang exactly like natural hair. Synthetic hair isn’t able to manage water well and may get tangled easily. This makes it difficult to maintain as an extension of hair that is permanent.

In the case of human hair, there are a variety of qualities to choose from. Because it isn’t feasible to collect the hair cut from the floor of a salon. The best hair providers have a keen eye on the way they gather and process the hair. Hair is carefully cut to ensure that the hair is aligned in the growing direction. This will help keep the hair being able to hang naturally. Hair strands are composed of many layers of cells. The outer layer is called the cuticle. Cuticle cells function as roof tiles, which overlap. In the event that the cuticle has been intact and unharmed, hair will hold in the moisture, and will last for longer. In the less desirable levels of hair extensions, the cuticle can be damaged through processing(often due to chemical toxins) which makes the hair dry and brittle. A skilled stylist will ensure you that your extension direction and the direction of your hair’s cuticle are aligned and running along the exact direction.

This is one of the reasons why the top human hair extensions are most expensive and the most effective choice to get your own hair extensions.