How Patchworks powered Lounge Underwear’s record breaking Black Friday

Patchworks clienthas made enormous strides since it was founded in 2015. Starting from the actual lounge of couple and co-founders Dan and Mel, it wasn’t long until they hit an initial scale ceiling and had to move into an office space and open their first warehouse.

Now, just six years later, Lounge Underwear averages around 1000 orders a minute during peak sales periods like Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM).

That’s 25 orders per second, and a 232% increase in sales during BFCM compared to the previous year.

Patchworks has worked with Lounge Underwear throughout their journey, integrating their Shopify Plus ecommerce platform with their core business processes.

By providing reliable integrations, we’ve been able to ensure their operation doesn’t buckle under the pressure of their exponential growth.

But it’s not just our integrations. We initially built our productor Lounge Underwear, which provided scalability and flexibility to their stock control.

What is Stockr?

Stockr connects all of your Shopify stores which share ecommerce integration platform  the same pool of stock, so your customers and fulfilment system are always clear about when an item has sold out. Instead of allocating products to specific stores, clients using Stockr have a unified stock pool which reacts to whenever an individual item is sold regardless of the store.

Lounge Underwear greatly benefited from this system. Previously, they used a complicated system of ‘bundled’ products which made for confusing stock distribution.

That resulted in a host of bugs, and an unsustainable amount of API calls to Shopify.

Stockr fixed that problem by linking each individual item through the back-end, meaning stock levels are automatically updated appropriately regardless of if a bundle is purchased or the individual item.

That means no more overselling, and no more unnecessary refunds. In turn, the team’s time and resources were freed up to focus on other areas.

That was especially impactful during BFCM, when customer service representatives were already pushed to their limit even without the strain of extra refunds needing to be processed.

Jack Humphreys, COO of Lounge Underwear, said: “Stockr has made scaling our business so much easier. Patchworks have developed a must-have product for any fast-growing ecommerce company.”

If you’re looking for a diligent integrations partner, or need a new solution for your stock control, Patchworks has years of experience helping a range of clients and partners across the ecommerce industry.

To find out more about how we can help you,  and chat to one of our dedicated team members. Because connections matter.