How Many Payday Loans Can You Have Open At Once

Falling short on your finances is something that everyone struggles with at some point. You can always ask for help from friends and family. However, many people feel ashamed to ask, or their friends are not in a position to help.

Although there are many other things you can do regarding this problem, many people consider getting a payday loan. The reason behind that is simple, it is quick and convenient and almost everyone gets approved.

However, before you consider applying for funds like these, you should get informed better. For that reason, we made this article where we will explain everything, and let you know whether you can take more than one loan at the same time.

How these loans function

Before you engage in applying for such payment, you must understand how these plans work. Their name explains everything, you get financial funds that you have to return in full as soon as you get paid. This is usually about a two-week period where everything has to be settled.

The reason why these loans are popular is because of how quickly you can get them. When you are in a tight position, you don’t have time to wait for all the procedures at the bank. However, the quickness comes with a price of high rates that you will have to settle.

Ensure you get these financial aids only when you are certain you can repay on time. Otherwise, the expenses will rapidly grow to put you in an even worst position than before. Visit website to see exactly what entails with an instant loan.

In addition, getting these finances should be only done from a place you completely trust. For that reason, be sure that you research the financial institution that offers such deals, and only apply to the best firms.

What are the advantages of such a financial plan


After going through the basics of the payday plan, it is time to see what its advantages are, and why it grows in popularity.

The first thing that makes this plan great is that it is quick. While other financial alternatives take more than a week to get approved, for short-term plans like these, it is a maximum of two days. This makes these plans great for expenses that could not be predicted, so they can be quickly settled.

In addition, there is not a long-form you have to fill, with requirements you cannot accomplish. All you need to fill out the application form and wait briefly for the result. This makes this financing plan a great method for people with a credit number bad enough that cannot apply for banking options.

To apply for such financial aid, you don’t have to put your belongings on the line as a guarantee. This is favorable to many people since there are no security methods that will take the things they own.

Lastly, you can always cancel the plan if you change your mind. With that, you will have to return everything you have taken including the rates. However, the financial institution will return any additional costs they charged you for.

Can you have more than one borrowed financial plan

You are not supposed to have more than one borrowed financial plan. However, everything changes based on where you live and your country’s regulations. In addition, many companies offer secondary payday plans, to attract customers and become better competitors.

Since most financial institutions have full data about you, they already know that you have unsettled expenses from different places. This might make them think that you will be unable to return the money you have borrowed, and not approve your application.

Are you allowed to take finances from different places


Taking up finances from different financial institutions depends on the laws in your country. This means that if your country has stated that you are eligible for multiple payday plans, you should be able to get them.

Some people consider getting financial plans from another state. This can be only done if you are born in one place, and currently live in another. With that, you can take up loans from both places, even if that is not allowed by law.

In general, you will not be approved for another financial plan if your first one is active. Even if you get the chance to open another plan, the question is whether that is the right move. For that reason, we will get in detail below.

Should you consider borrowing another payday plan

Even if you manage to take another payday plan, that is not something we would advise. Keep in mind the expenses and rates only increase and might have you stuck in an unenviable situation. In addition, your credit number will only get worse, which will bring other problems in the future.

The unsettled debts with an additional loan on top of it will cause a vicious circle of problems. For that reason, you should consider different payment methods which can be discussed with people at the bank.

Since payment plans are meant to be a quick solution that is meant for a short period, it should stay like that. Do not stack such expenses since there is nothing good coming out of such a situation.

What are the consequences of not paying back?


If you end up in a situation where you cannot manage to pay back the finances you borrowed, the mechanisms that follow are not so great. Firstly, you can try to extend the loan and gain more time to collect the money you have to repay.

However, you should understand that the expenses will continue to grow. With that, if you have taken around 400 dollars that should’ve been returned in a frame of two weeks, by extending the plan for two additional weeks, it easily reaches the 500 dollars mark.

This happens because the rates continue to grow, and the extending expenses are being calculated in the amount you have to return. For that reason, this financial aid should be only taken if you are certain you can return it on time. If not, it is better to consider alternative financing mechanisms that might suit you better.