Getting Around: Baby’s Sixth Month Guide

Baby is currently in her sixth month of life, and is taking an active role in the life at home and is now an established element of the household. Do you think of a moment when she wasn’t?

Do you want to stop night-time calls?

Baby is more consistent in his sleeping schedule – perhaps two nap times throughout the day, and as long as 10 hours sleep that is uninterrupted in the night. If your child is not sleeping throughout the night, it is possible to master ways to prolong your baby’s sleep best toys for 6 month old.

The baby’s first meal

In the six months prior to the end of the month up to the sixth month, rice cereal is your most effective option. Other food options to consider include pureed fruits and vegetables. Parents may introduce vegetables prior to fruit so that their baby does not become accustomed to the sweetness of fruits. Milk from cows and wheat must be waited until baby is year old.

The last time I went on a tour…

At the age of six months, baby can sit up without assistance and might even attempt to crawl. Baby raises her chest, and lowers her weight to support her legs and arms. The progression may look like the appearance of a random shuffle, however it’s a huge move towards independence. By placing a bright toy beyond reach or calling her to play is a way to encourage the baby to get moving. Some infants prefer to skip the process of crawling, and move straight into walking.

Your baby’s 6 months old can sound single-syllable, such as da, ma, etc. She is a fan of specific toys. She will respond to your messages and facial expressions with captivating laughter smiles, funny faces and gurgling. She also yells to be noticed. Keep in mind that babies attain milestones in their development at different times and each baby will not be exactly the same.

The sparkling whites…

The first teeth that appear towards the end of the 6th month (or earlier) is the two incisors on the bottom, though they could take up to a year to show. Drinking sweetened drinks and sleeping with a bottle should be avoided to avoid tooth decay. This may sound funny at first, but it is possible to start brushing the baby’s first teeth using the smallest of brushes.

Teething can cause some discomfort and drooling that can be accompanied by irritation.

What can you do?

Cleanse his face frequently to eliminate the eye drool.

Give him a clean and cold teething ring made of rubber to chew on.

Contact your doctor in case he experiences a fever.

A safe home is essential…

If you’re expecting a baby of six months at home, childproofing is crucial. Install or maintain smoke detectors. Make sure that the bassinet of your baby has smooth surfaces as well as a comfy mattress that is well-fitting and not too fluffy. Make sure that the furniture is free of sharp protrusions. It is possible to put all emergency numbers close to the phone and, with your physician’s guidance, create the necessary first-aid kit for your infants.

All the time moving baby discovers things vacuum cleaners can’t find and throws them in her mouth! Don’t leave baby unattended, even when she’s asleep in her crib , or playing in the playpen.

The physician’s…

At the well-baby examination, you’ll find that your baby’s birth weight has doubled. Keep your baby’s vaccinations up-to date.

Every child is unique in his individual way. And your child will always be an inspiration for the parents of her.