For what reason Does Cain Challenge God with “Am I My Brother’s Keeper”?

It’s one of the most notorious rebounds ever, and it shows up squarely in the beginning of God’s Holy Bible.

Cain, child of Adam and Eve, has quite recently killed his sibling, Abel, after his sibling made a superior penance proposing to the Lord.

As Scripture tells us, “Then, at that point, am I my brother’s keeper the Lord told Cain, ‘Where is your sibling Abel?’ ‘I don’t have any idea,’ he answered. ‘Am I my sibling’s manager?”” (Genesis 4:9).

For what reason does Cain inquire, “Am I my sibling’s manager?” Is he not kidding, or is his reaction as hard and wry as it shows up?

There are a couple of speculations with regards to why Cain got out whatever he said, however nor are great. One is that he was endeavoring to conceal his detestable conduct from God, and the other is that he realized God saw how he’d treated, his reaction was a conscious test to the Lord.

How Treats “I My Brother’s Keeper” Mean?
In this stanza, God was posing an expository inquiry trying to help Cain to remember his obligation. Albeit the total populace was little as of now Cain and Abel are the primary offspring of Adam and Eve, the principal individuals made by God-God had effectively settled His sway and His capacity to know all and do all. He’s as of now made the world, the universe, and everything in it, and He’d likewise expelled Cain’s folks from the Garden of Eden for their rebellion.

God getting some information about the whereabouts of his sibling was, generally, calling Cain into account: Where is he? How did you respond? Furthermore why?

Cain’s pretended obliviousness in his “I don’t have the foggiest idea” was an immediate untruth, however at that point his test to God made the matter one stride further. By inquiring “am I my sibling’s manager?” Cain displayed aloofness to the job of sympathetic and caring shepherd God has effectively given to mankind.

All things considered, in Genesis 1:28, God gave Cain’s folks their mandate to be productive and rule over the earth (Genesis 1:28), and He put them in the Garden of Eden at first “to work it and deal with it” (Genesis 2:15). Normally, Cain would have had some significant awareness of God’s guidelines that individuals are to really focus on every living thing. However he’d quite recently killed his sibling in an envious fury. By scrutinizing God’s mandate, he was pronouncing a coldhearted lack of interest to God’s order. He was inquiring, “For what reason would it be advisable for me?”