Far Infrared Heat Therapy: History and Use

Far infrared energy is emitted by our bodies through the skin at a range of 3 to 50 microns with peaks around 9.4 microns. Also, our palms emit FIR energy between 8 and 14 nanometers. The healing powers of far infrared radiation have been used for thousands of years in “palm healing”, an ancient Chinese tradition. This natural healer emits heat and energy from their hands to heal the wounds, just like Reiki healers.

Recent research in Taiwan shows significant far-infrared energy being emitted by Chi Gong masters. Indian Yogis also recommend palm healing, especially when it comes to relieving eye strain.

The practice of thermal therapy is a well-known and proven method for treating a variety of ailments. It dates back thousands of years to ancient civilizations like the Romans, Finns, Chinese, and American Indians.


People have believed since ancient times that sunlight can improve and maintain health. Sun therapy can be described as natural Far Infrared Heat thermal treatment – such as the Thera sage Heating Pads or Saunas emitting it far infrared heating pads.

Far Infrared Rays, the invisible rays of sunlight with the longest wavelength, are what makes you feel “warmed” by the sun. They also make your body feel cooler when there is a cloud over it. Exposure to sunlight can cause damage, so it is important to avoid excessive exposure.

Far Infrared Healing Pads for Thera sage

They are completely safe and non-invasive ways to improve health, reduce pain, increase circulation, and detoxify.