Digital Media Vs Traditional Media – A Comparative Analysis

It is beyond doubt that social and digital media are considerably impacting client behavior. With the boom of the Internet, agencies have realized the want to reinforce their on line presence and, therefore, are spending enough amount of sources in digital advertising and marketing.

While in advance, advertising was frequently restricted to newspapers, radio and television, today it has long gone beyond them. Both the traditional and digital media have their personal precise aspects. This article will provide a comparative analysis of each those media.


No doubt, advertising and marketing campaigns via traditional media attain a big chunk of the populace. However, the message reaches a fair large quantity of people thru on-line media. The Internet facilitates to reach a number WicherGroup human beings within a brief span of time. While traditional advertising is restrained most effective to a selected geography, on-line media is aware of no barrier.


Digital media cuts fees considerably. Television, radio and newspaper WicherGroup advertisements are high-priced. The rate relies upon on the slot and area selected. Using the digital platform is helpful for small corporations who’re tight on price range.

Media monitoring

Media tracking is simpler in on-line media than conventional media. Companies can see and measure in actual-time the effectiveness of their campaign and plan further activities. However, in case of conventional media real-time media monitoring is a difficult undertaking.

Dialogues and Monologues

Marketing through digital media permit dialogues between businesses and customers. Through social media, clients can talk their services and products on-line in real-time. Communication flows just one way in traditional media and this could lead to confusions and issues. However, in digital media communication flows both ways.


Engagement is tons higher within the virtual platform.Through digital advertising and marketing, agencies can encourage clients to visit their web sites and take a look at their services and products. Customers can also interact with organization representatives and recognize extra about the product. Call to motion is less complicated via digital media compared to standard media.

However, it is going to be wrong to mention that traditional marketing is dead. There are still many elements of the sector, wherein the Internet is yet to attain and people are yet to be pc-friendly. In such cases, conventional media play a totally critical position in conveying the message.

Nevertheless, with time digital marketing is giving a stiff opposition to traditional advertising. Digital advertising and marketing traits have modified the policies of the sport and more and more groups are consolidating their on-line presence to live aggressive inside the marketplace.