Different operating rules of electric heater and heavy oil electric heater

Electric heater has a wide range of applications in the equipment processing of the mechanical industry, and more familiar with automatic packaging machines, bag making machines, etc., they all need to be packaged and treated with electric heaters. Of course, the electric heater will also malfunction during use, in which short circuits in the internal system of the electric heater are particularly common. Once the electric heater has a short circuit failure of the internal system, if it is not removed in time, the quality and use of the product cannot be guaranteed, and even the internal system of the electric room heater
heater is damaged, causing serious loss. So I want to avoid the occurrence of the internal system of electric heaters. Electric heater has different operational procedures with heavy oil electric heaters, and must be strictly complied with to ensure that its effect is fully utilized. Before the electric heater operation, it is necessary to do adequate preparation, mainly to check the instrument parameters of its level gauge, explosion-proof junction box, and control cabinets. Is there a problem, if it should be solved in time to avoid damage to electric heating . When wiring, the electric heater and the explosion-proof junction should have reliable ground processing to eliminate safety hazards. When there is no medium flow within the electric heater, it cannot be used to avoid burn the electric heater. And the working parameters of the equipment cannot be changed at will, so as to avoid problems. Electric heater If you don’t use it for a long time, you should disconnect all circuit breakers and keep it properly. When the electric heater stops working, it should be lowered to prevent the temperature is too high and damaged, then subsequent cleaning and storage work. Heater heater is an energy-saving device that heats or secondally heated for fuel oil. It is installed before the combustion apparatus achieves heating before combustion, so that it reducing fuel oil at high temperatures. The viscosity is promoted to sufficiently atomized combustion, and finally achieve energy conservation. Heavy oil heaters with high power, small size, fast temperature, high temperature control accuracy, can be connected to computer, wide application range, long service life, high reliability, has been widely used in heavy oil, asphalt, Qing oil and other fuel oil pre-heating Or two-heated occasions. Before the use of heavy oil electric heaters, it must also be checked whether the electrical insulation meets the requirements of the requirements, and if it is not in line with it. When the heavy oil electric heater is turned on, the bypass valve cannot be opened to avoid unnecessary failures. The heavy oil electric heater should be carried out accordingly, such as whether the voltage current is normal, no heat is hot, etc., to ensure it can be used normally.