Connect Up Your Kit With A Custom Cable Assembly

In addition to the standard degree of safety presented against abrasion, vibration, impact and moisture ingress, Conduit also can be utilized in some of specialised environments. When hooked up with adequate sealing fittings, a Conduit can provide protection from fireplace or explosion risks by way of now not permitting the waft of flammable gases and vapors to stay cables. Metal Conduit also can be used to each defend sensitive circuits from electromagnetic interference, and also to prevent emission of such interference from enclosed electricity cables.

Both metallic and plastic Conduit also can be bent to permit a neat set up of the assembly, this is mainly advantageous when becoming an assembly into an abnormal or curved profile.

Over Moulding

Over-moulding is one of the most complete approaches custom cable assembly   of shielding an meeting and is especially beneficial for defensive fragile components and connector joints, in addition to supporting to make an meeting tamper-proof. Over Moulding completely encapsulates the touch and cord termination factor, providing a mechanical bond between the cable and round connector and full-size surroundings sealing of the terminations. This added pressure and flex comfort appreciably increases the overall performance and security of a connector and the meeting.

Over Moulding is likewise one of the most aesthetically desirable varieties of cable safety and can be used to enhance the arrival of a product, at the same time as simultaneously shielding the wiring from abrasion, vibration, moisture ingress, effect and warmth damage.


In environments where extra safety is needed from moisture ingress, thorough water-proofing of an assembly may be done with the use of IP rated components. Aside from preventing moisture ingress, Waterproofed assemblies offer safety from abrasion, impact and warmth harm and are best for software in which devices are uncovered to excessive weather or excessive humidity either inside or out of doors.

Waterproofed assemblies are worthwhile in marketplace sectors that are regularly subjected to difficult environmental forces, such as Marine, Water Utilities, Medical, Military and Traffic Management Control Equipment.

Far from just binding the wires and additives of a cable harness collectively, selecting the best encapsulation in your meeting can provide safety from abrasion, vibration and effect damage, intense temperatures, moisture ingress, chemical vapours and even fireplace retardancy.

The under guide outlines some of the blessings and specifications of the greater popular alternatives, that will help you select the most appropriate to your meeting.


Suitable for low-threat packages, Over-Taping affords many blessings in comparison to loose wires or cables. As well as insulating the twine and making a harness or loom substantially less difficult to deal with and deploy, Over-Taping offers not pricey safety towards low stage abrasion, vibration and effect damage.

Cables assemblies can be over-taped in a huge form of electrical tapes, unique for your needs or utility. One mainly useful application for Over-Taping is the use of colored tape to indicate the voltage degree and section of the cord, called “phasing tape”. When wires are phased, a hoop of tape is placed on each quit close to the termination in order that the motive of the cord is obvious. The following table describes this utilization.

Heat Shrink

Heat Shrink is an extremely flexible way to cable safety. Heat Shrink can be used for electrical insulation, mechanical safety, cable and harness bundling, sleeving and cable identification at the same time as concurrently providing safety from abrasion, vibration, effect and moisture ingress.

Available in a extensive sort of thicknesses, hues and substances, Heat Shrink can be applied to fulfill the man or woman needs of the environment and alertness. Flame-resistant adhesive coated Heat Shrink tubing for instance gives an unbeatable degree of cable and cord protection in even the freshest and maximum extreme of environments, together with hot engines. Other examples consist of low toxicity index for fireplace safety applications, excessive-grip cloth, chemical or diesel resistant and fireplace retardant Heat Shrink.

Cable Braiding

Ideal for jacketing and shielding a vast range of cable and twine assemblies, Braiding offers difficult yet light-weight protection in environments where it is not realistic to have a Conduit. Braiding is specially useful where space is restrained or the assembly desires to maintain flexibility, for instance whilst strolling a cable underneath the carpet of a car.

Braiding can be used at an expansion of stages to offer protection starting from low stage abrasion, vibration and impact damage, to flame retardant Braiding appropriate for high temperature environments.


Electrical Conduit gives difficult yet flexible insulation and safety to the enclosed conductors. Available in steel or plastic, relying on the extent of safety required, Conduit is ideal for protecting wires in uncovered locations.