Can You Increase Your Ability of Finding the Winning Lottery Numbers?

Let’s say that someone is going to inquire if we are more likely to be able to guess three numbers during the lottery games instead of four. What would you say? We have a higher probability of identifying three numbers than four. However, we aren’t aware that the likelihood of guessing three numbers are 20x more than thinking of 4 numbers.

The innate belief that something will happen is a skill that human race developed over the centuries and proved extremely helpful. “I’ll better take a cab, the bus is not coming.” Or “I’ll better take my umbrella today, I think it will rain”. We refer to this as intuition. We use this skill often. For instance, when we choose to travel on holiday and go on a plain assumption that nothing bad will happen during the flight , and we take all the necessary steps for the arrival. We organize the transportation from airports to hotels, reserve the hotel and determine how we’ll spend our time there. This is because we are capable to predict whether an event will occur or not. In this instance, the likelihood that our flight will face problems is zero.Live Draw Hongkong

When we make a choice that is based on our ability, we do not consider the upper and lower limit of the situation. If we know that there was a time when there were plains that exploded but that doesn’t mean it could occur to us.

If we do have this talent, why shouldn’t we utilize it in other fields such as lotto games? It’s best to apply similarly to our intuition to increase our chances that we will win the lottery. We’re aware that we’ve acquired this skill because our brain has analyzed our past experiences, as in the example of the umbrella. In order to improve our ability to guess the right numbers for lotto We must analyze the past experiences we have had in this area.

The first thing you could do is prepare a table that contains every number you’ve played. You can then compare the numbers on every ticket to those that won from that same drawing. At this point, you must identify two items:

* Try to find the pattern of those numbers that hit the jackpot in previous drawings.
Find out how large the difference between your numbers and those who won.

For instance, if you continue to play numbers that are related to your birthday or birthday of a person close to you, and you realize that they all win (or at the very least, some of them have never been a winner) is a sign that you need to think about changing your game plan. You should also observe which numbers with two digits are the most popular among winning numbers and then compare your own numbers.

After you’ve done this for a few weeks and you’ll be able to determine what numbers have a greater chance of winning the jackpot, and which ones don’t. With time, this knowledge will help you to increase the amount you win from lottery.