Best ways to use an umbrella


The umbrellas as an easy accessory to protect us from the rain (especially in the UK), but we rarely think of umbrellas when we’re not in a rush to rummage through our bag for them or hit them about three. was forgotten. Now a days people love to buy  bright LED umbrella .

But the humble umbrella has a very long history and popularity. The word “umbrella” is derived from the Latin “umbra” which means “shade” or “shade”, and there is evidence that it was used in distant lands such as China, Greece, Egypt and the Assyria over 4000 years ago. The Chinese pioneered the use of waxed or lacquered paper umbrellas for rain, and they began to gain popularity in the Western world in the 16th and 17th centuries, particularly for protection from the humid climate of southern Europe. North. We are still very used to it.

Umbrellas are a beautiful object that we like to use and don’t care about. More than 10,000 locations are incorrect every year in the London Underground alone. At Umbrella Workshop I thought it was time to start thinking differently about umbrellas and how umbrellas can be a big part of our lives, not after thinking about when it started to rain. If so, here are 5 different ways to use an umbrella.

The first use of an umbrella is as a canopy rather than protection from wet weather. The ancient Egyptians made shadows with feathers, palm leaves and papyrus, which were attached to chariots or placed on the heads of kings by servants. In ancient Greece, slaves wore parasols to protect themselves from the scorching Mediterranean sun, but they also served as fashion accessories.

It’s a good idea to use an umbrella for protection from the sun, especially if you live in an area that isn’t shaded by trees or buildings, such as on the beach or in an open space. Not only does it keep you from overheating, but staying in the shade is uncomfortable and helps protect you from the sun, which can lead to serious illnesses like leukemia.

A brightly colored umbrella may seem like an option for the summer, but actually a black umbrella is better because it absorbs heat and keeps you cool underneath. 2. Use an umbrella for decoration
Umbrellas are not only practical but also decorative, making them ideal for decorating any space. They are especially useful for decorating large events such as parties and wedding venues due to their striking appearance. Many umbrellas hanging from the ceiling can be very effective, especially if you use real colors or patterns.

Umbrellas are also particularly useful for outdoor decoration. This is due to its nature, it made it strong for outdoor use and does not damage even in wet weather. Hanging from a tree or hanging from an electric wire in a street or patio, it looks fantastic, is very usable and can be used more often.

If you’ve been to a photo studio, you may have seen umbrellas used in a photo shoot. Umbrellas help photographers create beautiful images by diffusing light and giving a softer effect. Instead of focusing light directly on the subject, the umbrella reflects light in multiple ways. The result is a sharper image with softer shadows or no shadows at all.

A white umbrella is the best option for getting soft light when shooting indoors. The light should be directed by an umbrella that emits light and eliminates dark, dark shadows or shadows created by the elements. The black/silver umbrella (outside black/inside silver) illuminates the face and is most often used outdoors.

You can use a white umbrella for a photo shoot, but black/silver umbrellas must be purchased from a camera store. 4. Turn umbrellas into kites
Some things seem more useless than a broken umbrella. It is estimated that more than a billion umbrellas are thrown away every year, a huge waste of global resources.

But what else can you do but put your umbrella in the trash?

Well, you have to use some good ideas to create ideas using the umbrella beyond its original purpose. One of those ideas is to turn it into a beautiful and amazing aerodynamic delta wing.