Are You Happy With Life?

It’s an interesting query – am I satisfied with lifestyles? The answer to that is so subjective – take two humans and placed them in same conditions – you could locate that one individual feels glad and fulfilled, and the opposite individual seems like some thing is missing.

There isn’t any foolproof set of rules that may be applied to make humans experience satisfied! In my own life, I am via nature now not someone who frequently feels depressed / lonely or sad. Because of this, I even have had issue inside the past regarding individuals who are feeling happy with life these items. As an ordinary Australian, I have often answered with ‘how bout they get over it!’, or ‘boo hoo for you, cry a river!’

However, in the past 12 months my feelings were changing. I’m now not pretty sure if that is due to the fact I’m ageing and therefore greater aware about the ‘greater picture’, or if it is because I’m growing older and feeling like time is moving extra quickly! It might also be greater associated my present day scenario – am I feeling fulfilled in some regions but no longer in others?

To help me apprehend this age antique query, I have taken some time to discover why we experience this way. Obviously there are many stressors in lifestyles that may upload to feelings of unhappiness, and there are masses of personal situations that influence the manner humans experience also. I am a massive believer that the perception of ‘happiness’ or living a life in which you experience fulfilled ultimately begins with your attitude.

This is incredible information! Why? Due to the fact you don’t should be subjected to the emotions which you and I experience (unhappiness, depression, lack of joy or apathy) all the time! WHATEVER your non-public state of affairs, you could attain an area wherein you once more sense glad for your lifestyles.

Think for a second: Why is it that we see some super tales approximately people who are subjected to horrible things then have an high-quality recovery that sees them come to be leaders in their discipline & first rate, inspiring public speakers that assist others who have been hurt. Then we see others who have not had any fundamental dramas in their existence fall into emotional situations like depression and unhappiness?

I’m not suggesting that there’s a quick fix for this hassle! But I do have a extra knowledge that the important thing to feeling glad with existence entails a few truths:

– We want to recognize that regardless of beyond studies, there’s so much to benefit from existence! – A key to having a glad, pleasing lifestyles is knowing the electricity of your attitude – We could make a conscious decision to trade our attitudes!