All You Want to Know About Korean Dramas/Series/K-Dramas


Korean dramas are Korean-based television series that are popular worldwide with the name of K-dramas. They are widely available via streaming services like Netflix with subtitles in multiple languages. They attract attention for their unique culture, fashion, and style, which are being adapted worldwide.

Genres of Korean Dramas

K-dramas are produced in many genres like historical, action, comedy, magic, and romance. The current trending theme of K-dramas is showcasing societal stigmas such as classism, gender inequality, racism, bullying, etc.

Korean Historical Series

The historical K-drama is referred to as Sageuk, which means historical drama. In the mid-2000s, the historical K-drama gained worldwide popularity. Yi San and Dae Jang Geum (Jewel in the Palace) are among the most popular series of Korean historical drama.

Korean Romantic Series

Romantic series from Korea often showcase family ties. The male characters are usually portrayed as intelligent, handsome, and emotional, usually searching for their ‘one and only. The K-dramas are usually family series that hardly progress beyond kissing. This is due to the Korean culture.

The Reasons behind the Gaining Popularity of Korean Dramas

Certain reasons are listed here, which essentially attract the viewers’ attention.

Attractive characters – Korean drama stars are usually young and attractive. The viewers love watching beautiful girls and handsome men. It keeps them engaged and interested.

Culture – The Korean culture showcased in K-dramas is gaining popularity these days. People love to watch a different culture.

Neat Content– One of the potential reasons for the popularity of K-drama is that the content shown is never dirty for the audience.


Broadcasting of Korean Series

K-dramas started broadcasting in the 1960s. The contemporary times series contain episodes ranging from 12-24. The duration of each episode is around 60 minutes. Historical series are also known as Sageuk, which are usually longer, and sometimes the number of episodes may extend to 200. The Korean drama episodes are aired on any two consecutive nights of the week, and the broadcasting time is 22:00 to 23:00. togel hari ini The networks airing the episodes are the Orian cinema network, a total variety network, Channel A, Korean broadcasting system, Seoul broadcasting system, Munhwa broadcasting corporation, etc. Some of the best Korean series is now available on Netflix to the worldwide audience.

Korean Series Ratings

The highest ratings and viewership have been acquired by series like You and I, First love, What is love, Sandglass, Hur Jun, A sunny place of the young, etc. The production and broadcasting of all the series were between 1992 and 2000. The networks that air the episodes of these series are Munhwa broadcasting corporation, the Korean broadcasting system, and the Seoul broadcasting system. The highest-rated Korean dramas that cable viewers can watch are The world of the married, Sky castle, Crash landing on you, Reply 1988, Guardian: The lonely and great god, Mr. Sunshine, Mr. queen, etc. All these Korean series air on cable channels targeting a smaller audience as compared to public broadcasting networks.

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